Digital media advertising company - (UP and Bihar)

Digital Marketing corresponds to advertise on interactive platforms or digital media such as the internet or mobile. The phrase digital marketing is coined around interactive media agencies working to promote businesses through digital channels targeting exact audiences across the globe. Digital marketing and internet marketing typically go hand in hand since they have similar service subsets; however digital advertising extends its presence to the mobile world as well.

Eperipherals offers Digital Marketing solutions to businesses, agencies, and online publishers worldwide. The company based in North India, provides the complete digital advertising solution to brands .It connects Advertisers with their Audience across any type of digital media, by its massive local presence to deliver right messages to the appropriate audience, through the most relevant digital channels. Eperipherals gives you the following tools and services for promoting any business:

  1. 1.Banner advertising on internet
  2. 2.Blogging
  3. 3.Paid promotions through pay per click campaigns
  4. 4.Email marketing campaigns
  5. 5.Product centric promotion through micro sites
  6. 6.Podcasts/ Video Marketing
  7. 7.Widget
  8. 8.Social Media Promotions
  9. 9.SMS/ MMS Marketing etc.

Digital Marketing company generalize the use of the new media/ digital media for 2 definite objectives; Pull marketing & Push Marketing. In the generation of digital marketing pull initiatives refer to utilizing content, videos etc to be stored and displayed to the world where users themselves reach out and grab the information they are looking for and respond back. Such as, a blog or a video posted on a community website and marketed through community building measures, and comments invited. Herein, there is a transmission of knowledge (generally for marketing or brand building purposes) to the users who are looking for related information over the internet. The presence of pull marketing can be extended using viral marketing or other means of promotions.

Push marketing on the other phase refers to activities like sending out electronic direct mailers, newsletters, SMS, RSS feeds promotions etc. Here, Eperipherals the digital media company reaches out to the audiences to promote their business or brand. A digital marketing agency can actually use push activities to a very specific and targeted level. As an example, if an organization wants to endorse a product only catering to working class of people, at that time a genre specific marketing campaign targeting the user mail box, mobile phones or websites viewed by the TG can be accomplished.

How Eperipherals can help you as a digital marketing company?

As a digital advertising company we take up both push and pull marketing aspects of any organizations digital initiative. We take on campaigns with uniquely strategizing, implementing and executing specifically targeted segments. Our area of services expand from internet advertising activities as paid promotions, social media optimization and rich media services to SMS marketing, email marketing etc. We focused on understanding your business in depth and then suggesting some of the best solutions for digital marketing to an organization. So be a part digital advertising and soar your revenues. We promise to do our part to get you there.