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Advertising a vehicle to marketing success, is something that existed in its different forms since inception of civilized  human , it is the life blood that drives big businesses and is a industry that is ever rising and ever shining , After US / UK and japan it is the India `s turn to become the next Advertising industry leader and after the introduction of  IT revolution and globalization india has witnessed a prominent change in the way advertising is practiced , from Push to Pull and Monologue to dialogue  , the consumer getting far aware ,awaken and demanding , the industry has integrated innovative approaches  that assimilate the advertising tactics to technological metaphors , to do the magic for business , Blooming markets for ad spends has created unseen and untapped opportunities to create fortunes ,even for new comers , if equipped with correct advertising mix ,can become a brand in no time . To reap the benefits and potential gains from ongoing advertising revolution every business requires a capable and competent advertising partner, to help planning , manage and execute their advertising campaign successfully to achieve business goals , enhances the business visibility , develop brand and drive sales .

Introducing ourselves as emerging full service advertising company offering advertising solutions for small-mid size organization looking for 360 degree advertising solutions that are light on budget. We at “e peripherals” are one of the north India's fast growing full service advertising agencies. We provide Innovative advertising solutions for Outdoor media, Digital Media ,Indoor media (Television and cable) , Radio and Web enabled Network Advertising solutions ,we  also offer all type of design and printing solutions like signage flex banners etc , innovative marketing solutions like networked hoardings / LCD`s ,  Intelligent Indoor Digital displays  ,Online marketing services  like social media management , Search engine optimization and Search engine marketing are our core competencies .

We deliver all our services through our extensive network of associates all over India. We are based at lucknow heart of north India and capital city of Uttar Pradesh.

We provide advertising solutions as per your exact requirement, we have experts on board to plan your media buy and manage the campaign efficiently. We consider the requirement analysis very significant stage so as to deliver the best of cost to return ratio with all our solutions. We listen and understand your target market and segment. We take time to understand your quantified business goals and it is then we propose you the most effective campaign.

As Advertisement, today is not just a mere broadcasting of information about your products and services via media channels to your target customers. rather a projection of your brand, it is no more bragging about your business and preaching yourselves rather a planned exercise to bridge the gap between your offerings and potential demand of your customers, it is no more speaking rather it is more on engagement, once done correctly gets you edge, distinguishes you from your competitors and brings your business the anticipated success.

Yes advertising can be turned to a profit centre from cost centre, there are success stories that prove that careful planning and correct marketing mix can generate business revenue greater than anticipated!

At e-peripherals we provide you the entire gamut of services that are needed to deliver a comprehensive advertising and promotion campaign. Services offered by e-peripherals include, Content services, creative’s  and Promotion services delivered across the variety of communication channels , be it conventional printing press, Audio broadcasting , Television , or sophisticated Digital online Internet media, multimedia avenues, also interactive events and on-road shows are in our list of core offerings.

Our Promotion services include promoting your advertisements over the various mediums of communication, including Outdoor media  like digital signage’s , Hoarding , Unipoles ,gantries ,   Multiplex & Mall Branding                ,Flex & Vinyl Printing, Airport                ,Mobile Vans ,T.V. , Gantries FM Radio, Toll Plaza ,Illuminated Kiosks ,Bus Back Panels Bus Q–Shelters Step Branding ,Press & Magazine ,Decorative Poles ,Events, Foot Over Bridges ,Glass & Building Wrap, Railway Boards

LCD LED Moving Display,  Tele Shopping, Traffic Booths ,Designing Standees’ ,Railway Panels And Full Train Painting Railway Transfer Stickers, Route Maps & Window Display ,Neon & Glow sign at Railway Station and promotion over the Internet channels such as social media(facebook) , Online news papers  (E-papers), Online video streaming sites (YouTube) ,Search engine marketing (PPC/Ad words ) and other online media channels.


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